Yahoo fantasy football staff's first-round mock draft 1.0

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While our dear host Matt Harmon makes his cross country move to Virginia, Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don hold down the fort for this week's pod with the season's first re-draft mock draft. With the NFL Draft and free agency in the rear view mirror it's never to early to start mocking. And for this one we have the entire Yahoo Fantasy staff pitch in.

Pianowski and Del Don go pick-by-pick in a first round 12-team half PPR league format to see if Yahoo's fantasy staff made the right selection or if there was a better option on the table.

By going through the first round, Pianowski and Del Don touch on some of the hottest debates this upcoming fantasy season: When is it too early to take Bijan Robinson? Can we still trust Cooper Kupp? Is Travis Kelce still a first rounder? Who's WR3?

The two end the show with guys who didn't make the top 12 but could be potential first round options or highly coveted picks in the early second round.

1:31 - Who should go number one overall?

1:55 - One surprising stat about Justin Jefferson

5:00 - Biggest concerns with CMC this season in SF

8:38 - The case for Ja'Marr Chase to go number one overall

12:13 - Why Jonathan Taylor is a safe bounce back pick this year

16:09 - How Austin Ekeler has become a sure thing in fantasy

18:40 - The "Hero Running Back" draft strategy

19:33 - Can we trust Cooper Kupp to return to form?

23:11 - The case for Bijan Robinson early in the first round

26:45 - Is Travis Kelce still a viable first round pick?

29:54 - How Tua's health impacts Tyreek Hill's fantasy value

32:39 - Why Nick Chubb is ready for a career year

34:36 - Does Stefon Diggs have the safest floor in 1st round?

36:56 - Expect an early run of QBs in second round

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