Nick Saban comments on Tony Mitchell, Rick Pitino is hired by Saint John's & new details released in the Brandon Miller situation

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Dan Wetzel, SI’s Pat Forde & SI’s Ross Dellenger discuss all of the latest drama surrounding the Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama player Tony Mitchell was suspended from the team after incurring legal issues which brought Nick Saban to the podium. While discussing Mitchell, Saban stated that “There’s no such thing as wrong place at the wrong time”. This dominated the headlines as many wondered if Saban was also referring to the ongoing issues and investigations with the Alabama basketball program. The fellas discuss whether or not Saban was directly referring to Nate Oats’s infamous comment regarding the Brandon Miller situation.

Also, new details were released from the night of the shooting Brandon Miller was involved with in Tuscaloosa, AL. The guys give a comprehensive breakdown on the new information and series of events that have come to light & whether it is good or bad news for star player Brandon Miller.

In other college basketball news, Rick Pitino has concluded his time with the Iona Gaels and is on to another dream job with Saint John’s. Detroit Mercy senior Antoine Davis was unhappy with not being able to break the all-time college basketball scoring record as tournaments did not accept the Titans to compete.

Lastly, two Virginia inmates were able to escape from prison and decided the best course of action would be to eat at iHop.

1:00 Nick Saban states that “there’s no such thing as wrong place at the wrong time”

17:27 There are new details that came from a Patch Tuscaloosa story on the Brandon Miller situation

44:35 Rick Pitino was hired as the Saint John's basketball coach

49:22 Antoine Davis was not happy with not being allowed to break Pete Maravich’s all-time college scoring record

57:15 Two Virginia prisoners dug out of prison and went to IHOP after escaping

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