Ekeler's Edge: Hot Ones, Chargers/49ers recap & Deebo Samuel interview

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Matt Harmon and Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Ekeler sit down for another great episode of Ekeler's Edge, this time on the heels of Austin and his Chargers' teammates appearing on a special edition of Hot Ones. Austin recapped the experience, talking about why he was so sweaty and why everyone thinks it was fake.

After that, the guys get into football by talking about the Chargers’ loss on Sunday night football to the San Francisco 49ers. Austin was disappointed in his own missed opportunities, but also impressed by the two-headed backfield San Francisco has with Christian McCaffrey and Elijah Mitchell.

Later, the guys open up the mailbag to talk about playing at night vs. day time, what injury reports mean in 2022, and advice for players that are unhappy with the teams they’re currently on.

Finally, the guys close by chatting with San Francisco 49ers WR Deebo Samuel and preview Sunday’s game between the Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

03:10 Austin on Hot Ones

05:40 MNF Recap: Commanders 32, Eagles 21

12:50 SNF Recap: 49ers 22, Chargers 16

23:10 Ask Austin Mailbag

23:35 Playing at night vs. daytime

27:25 Injury reports

31:15 Players who are openly unhappy with their team

38:25 As the AFC West turns…

44:30 Deebo Samuel interview

53:25 Chargers/Chiefs preview

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