CAUGHT ON CAM: Surveillance shows violent robbery attempt in Texas

Two men and a woman were arrested for a violent robbery attempt in Harris County, Texas, which left a woman critically injured on Friday, Aug. 17.

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The two men, Davis Mitchell and Travonn Johnson, attempted to rob an unnamed woman, who had just withdrawn $75,000 from a local bank, police said.

Video provided to Reuters showed the woman struggling to keep her purse from being snatched, and her husband trying to fend off the two men. One of the robbers appear to run over the woman with his car during the robbery.

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A deputy constable with Harris County Precinct 4 was on patrol and apprehended Mitchell on scene, while Johnson turned himself in on Monday, Aug. 20, police said. A third suspect, Shelby Wyse, was later arrested in connection with the robbery.

Surveillance footage of the robbery posted by local police have since gone viral on social media.

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