Making a Difference: ‘The Deli Girls’ serving up meals to kids in need

GERMANTOWN — Stop by downtown Germantown and make your way a block or two off the main drag, and you will find a place called The Farmer Deli. And mix together some folks who call themselves “The Deli Girls,” their love for cooking and baking, and people who need a good meal, and you have just the recipe.

A few years back, Kathy Stubbs went from full-time farmer to opening the Deli. Her goal was to make enough money from paying customers to help pay to feed 50 kids the first year.

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Kathy admits, the business model was one few people thought would survive. Stubbs saw the need, and was going to whatever it took to feed needy kids around town.

Word spread about what she was “cooking up” and along came Germantown resident and volunteer Kym Warton. She is part of My Father’s House Ministry. That is a faith-based organization with volunteers ready to help.

Warton could not have said it any clearer, “we love kids period, and if they want a meal, we give it to them.”

Stubbs and “The Deli Girls” quickly realized just how many kids and adults needed a good, healthy meal.

“There were a couple times I thought We were going to run out of money, and we never did,” she said.

People suggested The Farmer Deli set out a tip jar for customers.

“It was amazing the way the community came forward,” Stubbs said. “We would find wads of 20′s in our tip jar people anonymously walked in and left. "

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