Younger adults are having harsher Covid vaccine side effects

As Ohio opens up more vaccine eligibility, more young adults will be able to get the shots.

Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein, the patient safety officer for Kettering Health Network said young adults tend to have harsher reactions to the second dose than older populations, because younger people have stronger immune systems.

“Probably because older people, their immune system is a little bit more sluggish, and just not quite as vigorous,” Dr. Weinstein said.

Emiy Adkins from Enon was eligible to get the vaccine through her job.

The 24-year-old said she had some arm pain after the first shot, but the side effects from the second dose were much worse.

“I’ve never been that sick for a long time,” Adkins said.

She said she had body aches, chills, a fever, a headache, arm soreness, and was throwing up.

Weinstein said her experience after the second shot isn’t uncommon for younger adults.

“Your immune system is just getting revved up. You’re sort of revved up by the first shot, and then that second booster just puts your immune system into overdrive, and so there’s definitely a higher rate of side effects,” Dr. Weinstein said.

However, he said the side effects should not scare anyone away from getting the shot.

“These side effects are pretty short lived. They typically last for a few hours,” Dr. Weinstein said. “They’re a lot less than actually having the symptoms of actually being sick with Covid,” Dr. Weinstein said.

Even though Adkins had to call out of work for two days, she said it was worth it.

“I want Covid to be over and the shot is one way to go about it,” Adkins said.

Dr. Weinstein cautioned against taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen before getting the shot, as this may decrease the vaccine’s effectivity. However, it is fine to take them a few hours later when side effects start. He said to get to the doctor if side effects last more than two or three days or if they are debilitating.

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