‘You just have to hold your nose;’ Xenia residents complain about foul-smelling water

XENIA — Some residents want answers about a suspicious bleach and chlorine smell they say is coming from water sources in a Xenia neighborhood.

They’re saying the water flowing into their homes smells, and what could be seen as just a pure coincidence has some neighbors making home adjustments for health reasons.

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Kevin Butts, a states neighborhood resident, says this is one of the main reasons he uses five-gallon jugs of water.

“I don’t drink tap water whatsoever,” Butts said.

Kimberly Harrison claims she has been dealing with this issue on and off for a while.

“At least six years that it’s been having an odd smell. Probably longer because my sister came up and she had taken a shower and said your guys’ water smells awful it smells like chemicals,” Harrison said.

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Harrison says that she had to buy three water softeners within that time.

”The smell and the taste you just have to hold your nose when you brush your teeth,” she said.

News Center 7 was told by the water treatment facility that the chlorine levels are currently at 1.4. The Ohio EPA standards can reach at least 4.

“Our Water Treatment Supervisor also reports all normal levels over the course of the last several days. It is possible the smell is related to the semi-annual hydrant flushing happening this week,” a spokesperson for the city said in a statement.

The water treatment facility stated that they flush sitting water at least twice a year, so that way fresh cleaner water is pumped throughout the city.

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