Wright State offers new three-year nursing program

DAYTON — Wright State University announced Friday that it will be offering a three-year undergraduate nursing degree beginning in Fall 2022.

The new degree will allow students to graduate and begin working faster.

The program will be an advantage for both students and the community, said interim Provost Oliver H. Evans. “”We are doing this in part to help meet the demand for nurses, and we are doing it in part to allow students to complete a program that will get them into the job market more quickly than a four-year program,” he said.

Nursing graduates at Wright State will be able to start their careers faster, which will allow local hospitals fill critical bedside positions much faster.

In the future, students will be able to start the nursing program in spring and summer semesters. School officials said the schools’ lake campus will not offer the three-year program but will continue to offer the four-year Bachelor of Science program.

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