Witness to Family Dollar shooting: Man shot woman, turned gun on himself

Witnesses said two people were arguing prior to an apparent murder-suicide outside a Family Dollar Sunday evening.

One of the people who called 911 was Jay Webb, who said he was driving past the store when the shooting occurred and saw what happened.

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Webb said his 15-year-old daughter was riding in the front passenger’s seat, and they both saw what happened.

Webb said he nearly struck a woman as she ran across the street. He said he and his daughter turned to look at what the woman was running from and saw a man and a woman apparently arguing outside the store’s front door. Webb said in that moment they saw the man draw a gun and shoot the woman, then turn the gun on himself.

“They were no more than two feet apart,” Webb said. “As soon as he shot her point-blank range, he screamed something and turned the gun on himself.”

Webb said seeing the violence has traumatized his daughter.

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“She’s still real shaken up. She barely slept last night. She said every time she closes her eyes, she sees it happen again,” Webb said.

Dennis Haggin, 62, and Donna Brown, 45, both of Dayton, died in the shooting. The store at 440 N. James H. McGee Blvd. in Dayton remains closed today.

Dayton police are expected to release a statement this afternoon.

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