West Liberty-Salem shooting victim Logan Cole donates $22K in thanks for support

Almost three months after he was shot at West Liberty-Salem High School, Logan Cole makes a generous donation to the school community.

He and his family donated more than $22,000 toward the proposed Tiger Strong Field House at the high school. The money came partially from an online fundraising campaign to help cover his medical expenses.

“I was nervous about making the announcement, going up in front of everybody, but I was really excited to get the ball rolling on this field house,” Logan Cole said after he stood up tonight before those in attendance at the athletic association banquet at the school. “I feel like this project is really a great way to give back to everybody because everybody will use this field house.”

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Cole, 17, and his family said the donation is a way to say thank you to the community that showed so much support since he was shot in January. The family also is taking the lead in fundraising efforts for the project.

“I couldn’t be prouder of him,” said his father, Ryan Cole. “He’s very strong. He just is very selfless. His concern is always for the other person.”

Athletic Director Jake Vitt said the school hopes to have the field house built within two years. It will cost around $800,000, he said.

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