‘We’re all just devastated;’ Stabbing victim’s sister speaks out

DAYTON — A woman is mourning the loss of her brother who was stabbed to death this past week on Jordan Avenue in Dayton.

News Center 7 talked to the woman about her brother and what led to the stabbing.

“My brother was just laying there and like, alone, knowing he was about to die,” said Rachel Chaffin.

It’s still painful for Chaffin to talk about her brother and his last moments.

“He’s just lying there, alone. I’ve carried that hat I found over there that he had on with me everywhere,” she said.

Her brother’s hat is one of the things she will cherish forever now that he is gone. Chaffin said she knows what happened to her older brother, David Chaffin. She claims it was because of a feud between him and Christopher Gulley.

“My brother was tired of the way he was just being disrespected,” she said.

On Monday night, a fight broke out between the two. “My brother started losing the fight, that’s when he maced him,” she said.

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The very next day, “my brother started getting beat up again. He tried to mace some or I don’t know if he did or way trying to, but he pulled out a knife and stabbed him,” Chaffin said.

She believes he was stabbed in the stomach.

“My friends walked up and found him. She had called me and said he was laying there gasping for air,” Chaffin said.

Her brother was taken to Miami Valley Hospital but, “he died on the operating table.”

Gulley was booked in the Montgomery County Jail facing murder and drug charges.

“We’re all just devastated,” she said.

Chaffin is heartbroken that her baby daughter will grow up not knowing her uncle and said she will be court everyday when Gulley’s trial begins.

“I hope he gets what he deserves. Like he took my brother’s life. He was 36 and did not deserve this at all,” she said.

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