WATCH: 9-year-old steals grandmother’s car, takes it on joyride

News Center 7 has obtained cruiser and body camera footage of a 9-year-old boy who is accused of stealing his grandmother’s car and taking it on a joyride through Miami and Montgomery counties.

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On Sept. 28, troopers received multiple panicked 911 calls reporting a reckless driver on I-75 south.

Miami County officers first responded to the grandmother’s house on North Third Street in Tipp City.

“I let my grandson, 9 years old, take my car keys to listen to my phone on the radio,” Tracy King said. “I walked out. My car was gone.”

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The boy eventually crashed into two other vehicles on Main Street and Garber Drive after he exited I-75 north in Tipp City.

No one was injured during the incident and the boy was released to his grandmother.

Troopers said a child that age cannot be sent to juvenile detention for non-violent crimes, but could face traffic charges.

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