VIDEO: Springfield kindergartener celebrated ahead of final chemotherapy treatment

SPRINGFIELD — A Springfield kindergarten student was celebrated by her peers Thursday ahead of a major milestone.

Students and staff at Kenwood Elementary lined the hallways Thursday to celebrate Aeryn Miller, who is preparing to go to her final chemotherapy treatment, a school district spokesperson said.

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Miller was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2020. On Friday, she will go to the hospital to ring the bell and signal the end of her treatment.

Students and staff held a clap-out for Miller at their dismissal on Thursday. Almost all of them wore the color orange in honor of the type of cancer Miller was diagnosed with.

Video shared with News Center 7 shows Miller walking down the hall, ringing her own bell.

“We are so elated for Aeryn, her family and this huge milestone,” a district spokesperson said.

In addition to the clap-out, every student at the school signed a banner for Miller.