VIDEO: Man charged with detonating explosive at high school points gun at police during standoff

PIQUA — New video shows the moments police shot at a man accused of damaging a Miami County high school with a homemade incendiary device.

Piqua Police showed up at Grady Egerton’s apartment on Jill Court around 11:15 p.m. on July 1 with a search warrant and to arrest him for arson.

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As previously reported, police linked him to the detonation of an “explosive device” at Piqua High School earlier that day. The detonation started a fire and caused damage to the school’s main entrance.

As reported on News Center 7 at 5:00, it was uncovered in court documents today that Egerton lit a small camping propane tank on fire and tossed it behind a garbage can at the high school’s entrance. It wouldn’t stay lit, so police say he threw a lit match into the garbage can, and that started a fire that got hot enough to make the propane tank explode.

Body camera video obtained on Wednesday shows Piqua officers going through Egerton’s apartment, announcing themselves with no response.

“Police search warrant!” officers shout.

As police move upstairs, one officer’s body camera falls to the floor and gets kicked. As police work to clear the apartment, it gives a clear view of what happened next at the entrance to a bathroom.

The video shows Egerton pointing a gun at officers.

“He’s got a gun!” one officer says.

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Officers then begin firing shots at Egerton. No one was hit by the gunfire.

Police later learned that Egerton was holding a CO2 pellet gun.

As officers back away from the door, the body camera catches Egerton making violent threats toward the officers.

“I’ll kill you and myself!” Egerton says.

After a standoff that followed the shots, body camera video shows officers having to tase Egerton to take him into custody.

Egerton facing four felony charges, but police say there could be more charges coming.

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