VIDEO: Man accused of impersonating parent tries to escape custody for second time

XENIA — Xenia police released two new videos showing a man who was accused of impersonating a parent with intention of kidnapping a child attempt to escape police custody for a second time.

News Center 7 obtained a Xenia police report Tuesday which described an attempted escape on the afternoon of Aug. 31. On Wednesday, video was released following a public records request.

A Xenia officer wrote on Aug. 31 that officers went to the Greene County Jail to transport Duran to the Xenia Police Division in order for Duran to be served his indictment. He was indicted by a grand jury Duran on one count attempted kidnapping, felonious assault and escape.

Police then fingerprinted, photographed and collected Duran’s DNA for the charges he was indicted on.

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“While Reid Duran was sitting at the bench in the book-in area waiting to be transported back to the Greene County Jail, Reid got up and attempted to run away from the bench to leave the book-in area,” the officer wrote in the report.

Video shows Duran sitting with four officers in front of him. He jumped up from the bench and attempted to run, but was quickly stopped by officers.

One of the four officers can be heard yelling “sit down” at Duran as he tried to run.

According to the report, Duran will not be charged for the incident.

Duran is facing charges stemming from an Aug. 22 incident at St. Brigid School in Xenia. According to police, Duran went to the school, attempting to impersonate a parent with the intention of trying to kidnap a child.

When they got the school, police interviewed Duran in the parking lot. After giving different reasons as to why he was there, police said he admitted to wanting to kidnap a child.

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While at the Xenia Police Division for questioning, Duran grabbed a pen and attempt to stab a police officer while in an interview room. The incident was captured on video that News Center 7 obtained through a public records request. He later told police he “felt cornered and wanted to ‘put the officer down,’ and escape.”

Duran later told officers that he was at the school “attempting to find a small child to obtain sexual favors,” according to the affidavit. He told police he planned to drug the child with a tranquilizer-laced Starburst and abduct them when they passed out.

Court records showed that a motion for a competency and sanity evaluation was filed for Duran on Sept. 2.

Duran remains booked in the Greene County Jail. He’s currently awaiting a judge’s decision on if he’ll remain held without bond until his trial.