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VIDEO: Man accused of impersonating parent attacks Xenia officer with pen during questioning

XENIA — Xenia police released two new pieces of their investigation into a man who was accused of impersonating a parent with intention of kidnapping a child, including video that shows the man attacking a police officer with a pen during questioning.

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The videos were released as part of a public records request made by News Center 7 this week. The videos, released Thursday by Xenia police, show a man, later identified as Reid Duran, 35, of Fairborn, grab a pen and attempt to stab a police officer.

Duran was being questioned by Xenia police after he was arrested at St. Brigid School Monday. According to police, Duran went to the school, attempting to impersonate a parent with the intention of trying to kidnap a child.

Xenia police also released the 911 call as part of a separate public records request. The over four-minute call details the concerns raised by parents and the principal of St. Brigid School in Xenia during the school’s open house Monday.

The over four-minute call details the concerns raised by parents and the principal of St. Brigid School during the school’s open house Monday.

“I need police. I have a trespasser. I have a gentleman here that has trespassed into our school open house, asking questions and claiming to be the parent of a daughter. And he is not,” the 911 caller, who was identified previously to News Center 7 as school principal Terry Adkins, told the dispatcher.

“So I need a police officer to investigate and enquire. He’s posing a threat.”

The dispatcher asked Adkins how he and parents knew the man, later identified by police as Reid Duran, 35, of Fairborn, was not a parent.

“Because now I’m questioning him and he’s giving me names that is not his daughter. We have no body here by that name. He gave us a different name and now he’s changing names,” Adkins said.

“And now the parent who he was questioning about that daughter is getting irate, and I don’t blame him,” he said.

During the call a third person, who Adkins later identified as the actual parent of the child Duran said he was the parent of, was heard in the call questioning Duran.

“Wait, who are you here with today? Why are you here today?” the third person, who has not been identified said.

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This interaction later prompted the dispatcher to ask for the parent and Duran to be separated, according to the call.

“I want you (Adkins) to stay with Reid and I want the parent to kinda go somewhere else that way we can kinda keep it peaceful.

The I-Team’s John Bedell spoke with Xenia Sgt. Lon Etchison Wednesday and he commended Principal Adkins’ awareness of the situation.

“The principal was very quick, as my understanding, in recognizing that there was an issue and addressing it. So I absolutely think that he could have prevented very bad from happening,” Etchison said.

Duran is facing charges of attempted kidnapping, felonious assault and felony escape. Duran’s assault charge comes from him attempting to stab a police officer with a pen during questioning, according to police.

We’ll continue to update this story as we learn more.

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