Victory cigars: Joe Burrow’s signature celebration catching on with area Bengals fans

BEAVERCREEK — What started out as a viral moment while he celebrated a national championship at LSU, Joe Burrow’s signature celebration of smoking a cigar after a big victory has carried over to Cincinnati Bengals fans as the team continues their playoff push.

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Video captured Burrow lighting a cigar in the locker room after LSU beat Clemson in the 2020 National Championship and Burrow’s celebration was adopted quickly by his professional team and fans. In a social media post announcing the 2020 Bengals schedule, Burrow’s rookie season, the video was cigar-centric showing the opponents the Bengals would be playing.

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After the Bengals defeated the Kansas City Chiefs just three weeks ago, a win that solidified an AFC North title and first playoff appearance since the 2015 season, Burrow and his teammates celebrated in the locker room with the Athens, Ohio native’s now signature celebration. And with two big playoff victories the last two weeks, social media has filled up with Bengals fans partaking in lighting one up.

With the Bengals success has come more fans looking to celebrate like their star quarterback.

“It’s part of that culture of you’re celebrating something, you do it with a cigar. It’s just been the thing about cigars forever,” Ryan Bohl, manager at The Wharf tobacco shop in Beavercreek told News Center 7′s John Bedell.

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As the Bengals continue to give their fans something to celebrate in this postseason run, Bohl said his business has seen an influx of Bengals fans looking to celebrate like Burrow does. From the La Flor Dominicana Mysterio Burrow smoked in the locker room after the January 2 win over Kansas City, to more color-themed cigars, Bengals fans are looking to buy now, Bohl said.

“It’s a lot of guys that enjoy what they enjoy and they’ll get a nicer version of it to celebrate with the team or they want something that they saw (Burrow) smoking or something specifically. Like they want that cigar. I think you mentioned the Mysterio, we’ve had people wanting that. I guess that’s why: it’s because they must have seen him with it and that’s what they wanted.” Bohl said.

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“(LFD Mysterios are) about $20 a piece so they’re not cheap. Not over the top, but they’re nice. A good price point. And people looking for more color-related, tiger-related things.”

For Bengals fans hoping their team’s season doesn’t go up in smoke Sunday, and are wanting to celebrate the way their star quarterback likely will, Bohl says the key to a good victory cigar is simple.

“If you’re smoking it and you’re enjoying it, then you’re doing it right. Some guys celebrate with a $10 cigar, some do it with a $90 cigar,” he said.

But the important factor is to keep the cigar properly humidified so it still has its peak quality come Sunday, Bohl said.

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