U.S. Capitol Attack: How safe do lawmakers feel one year later?

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The FBI and Department of Justice have arrested and charges hundreds of suspects in connection with the deadly riot.

The attack prompted security changes from the U.S. Capitol Police Department to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. New police training and new intelligence procedures have been parts of the new changes.

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Additionally, the U.S. Capitol Police opened its first ever field offices to help respond to threats made against lawmakers.

A year later, top Congressional leaders from the Miami Valley told News Center 7 how they feel about the events and their safety at the Capitol.

Congressman Mike Turner (R-Dayton) told New Center 7′s John Bedell that there were “a number of failures” on Jan. 6, but that does not change the way he feels about the security at the Capitol.

“I think the security that we have is appropriate. And I think certainly that the Capitol is safe,” Turner said.

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In a statement to News Center 7 Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called Jan. 6, 2021 “a dark day in our country’s history.”

Brown said he supports the DOJ’s efforts to prosecute those involved in the riot at the Capitol, as well as the House Committee’s efforts to hold those who encouraged the riot accountable.

“If we do not get to the bottom of exactly what happened that day – including the events leading up to it that fueled this attack – it leaves our democracy vulnerable, further compromising national security and the will of the people,” Brown said.

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