Unregister silencer, syringes wrapped in nails found in Miami County doctor’s home, prosecutors say

DAYTON — A Miami County doctor arrested in connection to an FBI investigation near Troy and in Downtown Dayton appeared in federal court on Tuesday.

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Steven Werling’s case has moved from Miami County court to federal court, which is where he had a detention hearing on Tuesday. His lawyers are trying to get him out of jail, but federal prosecutors said what they found at his house means it’s safer if he stays behind bars.

As News Center 7 previously reported, the search warrant carried out by the FBI and Miami County Sheriff’s deputies at his home near Troy shut down a neighborhood for two days earlier this month. Court records indicate investigators found explosive components and devices at his home.

As we reported on News Center 7 at 6:00, we had the only reporter in court on Tuesday. Our cameras were not allowed in federal court, but Werling’s attorney told us last week that the doctor was not involved with any groups or dangerous activity. He claimed Werling just liked to collect guns and tinker and tool them.

Prosecutors believe Werling is dangerous. In court on Tuesday, they showed a federal magistrate judge 16 pictures which they claim showed an unregistered silencer Werling possesses which was illegal. They also claimed he had components to build more silencers.

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Prosecutors also showed the judge pictures of ball bearings and powdered substances. They also showed syringes recovered with nails wrapped around them which they said Werling called “art,” but they maintained that the combination is often used in improvised explosive devices.

Werling’s lawyers claimed everything found in his home was defensive in nature and that he’s never made any threats or been accused of any crimes until now. They said the reporting of what was found has raised illegitimate fear.

The judge was expected to make a decision today on whether Werling should remain in jail, but that did not happen. She asked Werling’s lawyer to send her a brief of Wednesday about whether unregistered silencers should be considered a crime of violence. After that, she will decide if he’ll remain jailed until trial or be allowed to possibly post bail.

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