Trotwood residents, homeowners association fight over dues

A group of Trotwood residents are claiming that their neighborhood homeowner's association is trying to take advantage of them.

They are claiming that the Westbrooke Homes Association Inc. wants the residents to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for services they cannot and have not been able to use.

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Earlier this month, a debt collector sent Westbrooke Village neighborhood residents a letter seeking to collect past dues (the monthly fee for amenities was $200) and the homeowners association board has filed liens on properties, including Norman Scearce III's.

The dues are supposed to be a community space -- including a pool, tennis court and clubhouse. It's all in various states of disrepair, residents said.

"They are absolutely relentless and I'm just sick of it," he told News Center 7's Natalie Jovonovich this week. According to Scearce, the debt collector claims he and his wife owe the homeowner's association $3,623,536.

According to the letter, Mr. and Mrs. Scearce have less than 30 days to pay up or to make arrangements the debt collector deems satisfactory.

"Just based on the code of ethics that the homeowners association has, they are in complete violation, complete violation, from the terms of how they collect to how they send out information, Scearce said. He said he has hired an attorney, who told him he has a case.