Trotwood, recovering from tornadoes, rallies around high school football team

One of the hardest hit areas during the Memorial Day tornadoes was the City of Trotwood.

After the community was majorly damaged, the high school football team helped with the cleanup process.

Now, the community is rallying behind the team as they continue the quest for a state championship.

Trotwood-Madison High School has a legacy when it comes to football, but last season before the tornadoes hit, the Rams finished with a 6-5 record and exited the playoffs in the first round.

"It's a challenge. It's time to grow as a program. With programs like this, there's down years and up years," Defensive Coordinator Coach Trevon Williams told News Center 7's Josh Jackson.

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After the tornadoes, the football team was out in the community doing what they could to help clean up.

“Honestly, we used the tornadoes as motivation to keep pushing forward, that brought the team together more. We went to different homes in the community to help fix it up. This community is like a family,” Team Captain Carl Blanton said.

This year, things have been much different for the Rams since they have a 9-3 record with a 2-game winning streak as they head into their third round playoff game.

“We kind of wiped the slate clean,” Williams said. “It’s more so just taking it one game at a time.”

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Trotwood has been outscoring opponents 74-28 postseason play, and their goal is to bring home a title for their hometown fans that have been through a lot over the last year.

“We get the energy from them. We feed from them. When they come out to the game and show us that support, it motivates us when we’re out on the field,” Williams said.

The Rams continue in the playoffs tonight against Hamilton-Badin at Miamisburg High School at 7 p.m.

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