Trotwood family loses everything in fire ahead of Christmas

TROTWOOD — Christmas tree, holiday decorations, and gifts, all gone just days before Christmas after a fire ripped through a Trotwood home Monday.

Champaigne and Charles Scott told News Center 7′s Candace Price that their children woke them up when they first spotted flames in their home on Boggs Ave.

“Have you ever been woken up, like shook woken up? That’s how it was. I was scared,” Champaigne Scott said.

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The family said they think the fire started in their daughter’s room. Charles Scott said he tried to put the fire out himself.

“I went in to try to grab the pillow that was smoking and had flames on it,” Charles Scott said.

By the time he attempted to put out the fire, it was already getting out of control.

Charles, Champaigne and their five children rushed to escape, barely making it out.

“You’re just standing there, watching your house burn and there’s nothing you can do,” Champaigne Scott said.

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The Scott’s lost their home and everything in it, but they said they are glad to have made it out safely.

“We all go out safe and sound. This is materialistic things and I’m glad that our lives [were] not taken,” Champaigne Scott said.

The Scott’s told News Center 7 that the community has come together to help by offering them things like clothes, toothbrushes and shoes.

The family is accepting donations through a GoFundMe.