Three people shot at Halloween party all hit with same bullet, police say

HUBER HEIGHTS — An altercation at a Halloween party late Saturday night left three people hospitalized after one bullet was discharged, Huber Heights Chief of Police Mark Lightner said.

>>ORIGINAL REPORT: 3 people hospitalized after shooting in Huber Heights

Over the phone, Lightner said the party was taking place in a Huber Heights home on the 8400 block of Trowbridge Way when a fight broke out.

A male, who lives at the residence, asked a female to leave the party, but she refused.

It is unclear why she was asked to leave.

The male then took out a gun, and a fight broke out between him, the female who was asked to another, and another woman.

As the three fought, the gun discharged.

The single bullet hit a woman in the head, the other woman in the leg, and finally the male in the wrist.

All three people sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

“I think that’s crazy, that’s so unheard of for just one to do all of that. Like usually it would have been like maybe two,” Trowbridge Way resident Ivy Horn said.

Horn was watching the scene on Saturday night from across the street. She saw the ambulances drive away, which she later learned carried three people with gunshot wounds.

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“It’s almost like, I’m watching ‘Only Murders in the Building’ and I’m just hearing three for one like what? What is going on?” Horn said.

News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott tried talking to the people who live in the house where the party took place but was told they didn’t want to speak.

Even though this shooting happened during a Halloween party, Horn said she is still excited to celebrate the holiday.

“We’re planning on having our own little get-together that night. We will still have music, hanging out, handing out candy. We plan on continuing everything as normal. It’s always a quiet neighborhood aside from that,” Horn said.

Lightner said he believes all three people should be out of the hospital by now, but the male might need surgery on his wrist.

Charges are still pending in this case.

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