‘There’s a time and a place;’ Recent Oregon District shootings cause concerns

DAYTON — People fill the streets of a historic district in Dayton every weekend to have fun at bars — but recently, gunfire has ended the night early.

As reported on News Center 7 at 6, On May 5, a Dayton police officer’s body camera captured the chaos caused after shots were fired in the Oregon District.

The gunfire sent customers in all directions, it sent Dayton officers running toward danger.

Now, people who live close to or regularly go to the Oregon District are looking for explanations.

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“Just why? I mean I’ve got a gun for home defense, there’s a time and place for that but it’s not here,” Steve Malloy said. “I was here that night and left 20 minutes before the shooting happened.”

Malloy can’t stand to see scenes like the crowd from May 5, even if no one was injured.

“No one should be discharging a gun in a public place, it’s stupid,” he said.

Police responded to a similar incident in March.

“I think things happen all over, regardless of where you are located,” Jimmie Brytus said.

Brytus lives close to the Oregon District, he said police acted quickly and cleared the area.

Police told News Center 7 they made seven arrested on May 5, all of them due to people refusing a lawful order to leave.

They are working to identify and arrest the man who allegedly fired the shots after two women began fighting.

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