‘There’s gunshots everywhere;’ 911 calls detail chaos after shooting near Springfield mini-mart

SPRINGFIELD — Several 911 calls detail the chaos during a shooting in Springfield Friday night.

Officers and medics were dispatched around 11:04 p.m. on initial reports of a shooting at the 900 block of Selma Road near the Mini Mart, Springfield Police Department previously told News Center 7.

News Center 7 obtained nine calls that were made to 911 detailing what people who lived in the area were seeing and hearing.

In one of the first calls made a caller tells dispatchers that a group of around 10 people look like they are about to fight.

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“You guys really need to get over to the mini-mart on Selma Road, we just heard about 15 gunshots,” another caller tells dispatchers, adding that she is worried about her kids in the home.

Another caller describes hearing around 15 shots then people running everywhere.

“They emptied their clips,” a fifth caller tells dispatchers.

Police said that at least one person was taken from the scene to the hospital — further information was not available.

We are working to learn the condition of the person hurt and what led up to the shooting.

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