‘Strangest thing I ever heard;’ Shoppers want to know how a finger ended up in Walmart parking lot

SIDNEY — Police are still working to find out how a woman’s finger ended up in a Walmart parking lot.

The amputated finger was found Sunday in the parking lot of Walmart’s Sidney store.

Analysis done at the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office confirmed it belonged to a woman, but how it got there is something police and people in Sidney are trying to figure out.

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Nate Robinson said he found out about the finger from his wife.

“My first reaction is, ‘How do you leave without your finger?’” Robinson told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell.

He shops at the Sidney Walmart regularly and was surprised about the discovery and lack of information about it.

“That’s pretty crazy to think about. How do you not know whose finger is missing? There should be a body connected to that, right?” he said.

As we showed you on News Center 7 at 5:00, we sent Campbell to the Sidney Police Department looking for answers but were told no one could meet with him.

In the statement released on Thursday, police said they didn’t think the finger’s amputation was the result of any suspicious actions. They also said that medical providers haven’t been able to provide information that links the finger to any recent patients.

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Supervisors at the crime lab told News Center 7 that they are consulting with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and are considering a DNA test.

We learned on Friday that the first officer who responded on Sunday was called to a spot near the grocery, just outside of the store.

Briaunna Gregory told News Center 7 that she’d likely freak out if she had found the finger.

“I’d freak out (and) probably turn around and go home. (I’d) never come to this Walmart again,” she said.

Robinson said this mystery is the top one he’s heard of.

“I thought it was the strangest thing I ever heard,” he said.

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