State Senator Matt Dolan explains what his plans are for the future

DAYTON — State Senator Matt Dolan spoke to News Center 7 about the promotion he hopes to get.

The Republican said he’s going after Democrat Sherrod Brown’s seat. Dolan finished third behind J.D Vance who then won the general election in November.

News Center 7 James Brown asked Dolan why he thinks the run for federal office next year will have a different outcome than last year.

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“The issues aren’t different. The challenges we face border security, the economy, supply chain, energy independence, those are all still issues top of mind for most Ohio voters. So what I think is going to be different, is that I’m somebody who’s running. I offer solutions, and I have conservative success to point to and say, we can solve these problems,” Dolan said.

We asked if he could fix something in D.C. right now what would it be? Dolan told us it would be coming up with a realistic plan to secure our border.

Dolan was in the Ohio house between 2005 and 2010 and has been in the Ohio senate since 2017.

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