Springfield train derailment: Clark Co. officials ‘No hazardous materials leaked;’ NTSB on scene

SPRINGFIELD — Clark County officials and a representative from Norfolk Southern provided another update Monday afternoon about the Springfield train derailment from over the weekend.

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Officials reiterated no hazardous materials leaked.

Connor Spielmaker, Senior Communications Manager for Norfolk Southern, said there were four tanker cars but were not carrying hazardous materials.

The National Transportation Safety Board arrived on scene this morning.

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He said crews spent hours Monday clearing cars from the track to allow tracks panels to be put back in following Saturday’s derailment.

“That was finished this morning,” he said. “We made sure that those installations were done properly, of course, and ensure safety is top of mind there.”

He said it was finished, allowing the rails to “propel traffic at a reduced speed.”

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Spielmaker also said “no hazardous material cars derailed in this incident.”

He said Norfolk Southern will still be working at the site and thanked the community for their patience.

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Charles Patterson, Clark County Health District Commissioner, said health technicians remain at the derailment site as railcars have been removed.

“There are no hazardous materials that have contracted the soil, been exposed to the air or contacted any of the water sources or water recharge areas nearby where the incident occurred,” he said. “We continued to be confident that the health and safety of our citizens of Clark County and the residents in this area is good.”

He said the health district will continue to watch over the site.

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State Route 41 remains closed between Gateway Boulevard and the Clark County Fairgrounds following the derailment, a Clark County Emergency Management Agency spokesperson said Monday.

“Obviously, we want to make sure we get the road opened,” said Spielmaker. “We’re waiting on asphalt to do that. It’s going to be a couple of days.”

Even when State Route 41 reopens, there will be a lot of working going on and will remain an active work scene.

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The airspace above the derailment has been closed since the derailment

“That was to make sure that if we had any other reason to put drones up from our hazmat crews or how EPA crews or how public safety Department, that we would be able to fly them without any issues,” said Patterson.

The airspace is expected to reopen tonight at 7:02 p.m.

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All questions about the cause of the derailment was referred over to the NTSB.

NTSB released a statement late Monday afternoon.

“They will be looking at the condition of the track, the mechanical condition of the train, operations, the position of the cars in the train, and signal and train control among other things. They will also be collecting event recorder data, on-board image recorders, and will conduct interviews with the crew and other witnesses.”

News Center 7 continues to break down the elements of this press conference and will provide updates.

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