‘Somebody has to know something;’ Family of man shot, killed in Trotwood last year speaking out

TROTWOOD — As people gather this Memorial Day holiday weekend, a Trotwood family wants justice for their loved one killed on Memorial Day one year ago.

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Trotwood Police are still looking for Anthony Smith. They believe he shot Bobby Daniels while the victim was cutting the grass.

News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis spoke with Bobby’s sister, Toni Daniels on Friday. She said she has been laying low for too long and had to speak out.

Toni can’t believe no one is behind bars as we come up on a year since her brother’s death.

“It’s going to be a year, somebody has to know something,” said Toni.

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She tells Lewis she misses her baby brother, Bobby. Toni describes him as a hardworking, loving father, and God-fearing man.

“He meant the world to me,” she said. “My brother, he was the heart of our family.”

Lewis says no longer having Bobby here has been hard on his family and what has made things worse is not seeing someone held accountable for his death.

“I still haven’t been able to properly come to terms with it yet and I know the reason why because this person is still out here,” said Toni. “So, me and my family are not safe.”

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Trotwood Police say Anthony Smith is wanted in this case. The department said it has warrants for murder, weapons under disability, felonious assault, and carrying a concealed weapon.

News Center 7 previously reported on this deadly shooting on Memorial Day in 2022.

Toni told Lewis Bobby owned several properties in the area and Anthony Smith was a tenant. She believes Smith shot and killed her brother while he was in the process of trying to evict him for not paying taxes or insurance.

“Seeing my mother have to go through this and have to lose one of her children,” said Toni. “She’s (her mother) still here.”

Lewis says the pain within her family has made her determined to get her brother justice.

“It’s just lit a fire because I sat quietly trying to lay low, not trying to draw attention,” said Toni. “I have family members that are scared but I keep hearing my brother tell me, ‘Don’t stop.’”

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She said police can only do so much on their own and wants anyone with information to speak up.

“It’s either people protecting, or they’re scared, or people not wanting to get involved,” said Toni. “I’m telling you, in this time and age, you have to get involved because it takes everybody. Because this could be your loved one and you would want to help too.”

Lewis spoke with Trotwood Police Erik Wilson Friday afternoon.

He said he plans to have a news conference in the near future to talk about this case.