Snow is coming. Is your vehicle ready?

If your vehicle isn’t ready to drive in the snow, you are running out of time.

Storm Center 7 Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs is tracking snow for tonight.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

Seth Adams of Jamie’s Tire and Service in Xenia said getting an oil change is a good idea, as well as topping off your fluids, like antifreeze.

You should also check on your battery. The cold can kill it.

AAA’s Emergency Roadside Service team responded to nearly 500 calls from Friday to Sunday in the Miami Valley, according to a spokesperson. Of those calls, approximately 100 of them were related to dead batteries.

“Once the temperature starts to go down really low, it’s a good indication that your battery is about to go,” Adams said.

It’s also important to inspect your tires.

“When it’s bald you’re basically ice skating,” said Adams.

The thicker the tire tread the more traction you have.

Adams offered a few tips on how to check your tread.

“Inside every tire is a nub. When you can see the nub, that’s how close it is to the end of your tire and legal limit for the tire on the road,” he said. “You can also use a penny, and if you can see Abraham Lincoln’s head it’s time to get new tires.”

You also need to check your tire pressure.

You can find that information on the inside of your driver side door.

“You can see what the manufacture calls for and set it to that,” Adams said.

Zach Bermick of Townsend Services has his truck ready for winter weather.

Bermick, unlike some people, doesn’t mind driving in the snow because he gets paid for it.

But even if you don’t like driving in the snow, you’ll be safer and save some time and money —getting your car winter ready.

Experts say motorists could spend between $30 and $200 winterizing your car. That number goes up if you need a new battery or tire.

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