‘Send a message to Washington;’ Delphi retirees rally in Dayton to regain lost pensions

DAYTON — Delphi Salaried Retirees gathered for a “call to action” in Dayton Wednesday for the Senate to support legislation that would restore their full pensions.

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News Center 7′s Mike Campbell reported that 300 retirees attended the rally at the Sinclair Conference Center.

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When General Motors filed for bankruptcy in 2009, around 20,000 salaried workers lost their pensions.

Last month, Ohio Congressman Mike Turner’s (R-Dayton) bill, the Susan Muffley Act of 2022, passed the U.S. House and must now pass through the Senate and be signed by President Biden to become law.

>> ’A 13-year nightmare;’ Delphi retirees one step closer to regaining lost pensions

“Now it’s just up to the Senate, this bill is there, we’ve got to get this passed in the Senate this year,” Turner told News Center 7. “We’re looking forward, with this rally, to send a message to Washington that the Senate needs to take up this bill, pass it and send it to the President’s desk.”

News Center 7 will continue updating this story.

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