Schools looking at whether they should return to remote learning amid rise of COVID cases

With COVID-19 numbers going up, schools across the state are looking at whether they should return to remote learning.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell spoke with a local education leader about whether online classes could be needed.

Like all local districts, Dayton Public Schools are doing everything they can to keep students learning in the classroom.

Because of rising COVID cases, online learning is again becoming part of our potential vocabulary.

Shannon Cox is the superintendent of the Montgomery county educational service center. Her organization works to support every school district in the county, especially if they feel the need to switch to on-line learning.

She emphasizes that no one wants to do that.

“Best practices is students in-classroom, in person with in person, real life teachers,” Cox said.

News Center 7 asked what creates the need for remote learning, and it’s usually staffing issues first.

“Clearly we are just short-staffed across the board in education across the nation,” Cox said.

Phyllis Worley is the grandparent of a Dayton Public Schools student, and a former teacher herself.

She knows DPS employees are doing all they can to keep doors open.

Worley also knows that schools priority is keeping kids safe and they need help.

“The children need to be in school, however we have to be safe, I wish all the parents and grandparents would just get their shots,” Worley said.

Those that work in education know that on-line learning has improved but….”It should be an enhancement, it should be when we need it, it should not be all the time, for everyone, it should not be the staple,” Cox said.

Most parents and educators want to keep kids in the classroom but they have to be safe.

They agree that one of the best ways to improve and maintain safety is for everyone to get their vaccinations.

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