Rounds of storms, damaging winds, possible tornados possible through Wednesday

DAYTON — Between early tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning, the Miami Valley will deal with its first severe weather chance of the “spring” season. Several different opportunities for storms will come through, but it won’t rain all the time by any means.

Tonight into early Wednesday morning, we may have a few storms pass through. Most won’t be severe, but a few may be capable of producing heavy rain, occasional cloud-to-ground lightning, and small hail.

Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Austin Chaney will break down the timing of these potential strong storms tonight beginning on News Center 7 at 5:00.

Chaney said Tuesday afternoon brings another chance for some scattered thunderstorms. He said there are some question marks as to how widespread these storms will be, but they will have a warm and unstable environment to work with. The best chances will be north of Interstate 70.

The storms that develop may be strong to isolated severe, along with damaging wind gusts and hail will be the main threats. The tornado threat is low, but not zero.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, storms will be most widespread during this time, Chaney said. He said a storm or two may be strong to severe with damaging wind gusts and hail being the main threats. A brief spin-up tornado along the line can’t be ruled out.

According to Chaney, one round of storms may pass through early Wednesday morning, but that last round currently has the most uncertainty.

The main threats the Miami Valley will see with these storms will be the potential for a few damaging wind gusts and instances of hail, Chaney said. Though it’s not an overwhelming threat, a tornado or two is possible with this setup.

Due to the potential of all three threats, staying weather aware over the next day and a half would be a good idea, Chaney said.

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