River levels rise in spots from heavy rain

The tropical leftovers of Gordon have helped to produce heavy rain across the Miami Valley all weekend. Many yards, streets, creeks and streams have become flooded. Though some rivers in the Miami Valley will rise, there won’t be any major flooding along them.

  • The Great Miami at Sidney is forecast to rise but not impacts are expected.
  • The Great Miami at Troy is forecast to rise slightly but it won't impact roads.
  • The Great Miami at Taylorsville will rise but is no longer expected to create flooding on roads.
  • Sillwater River above Englewood is forecast to get to the action stage

Here are possible impacts from the National Weather Service in Wilmington:

  • 25-feet water along Martindale Road, Old Springfield Road and the road to the MetroPark are all covered by two to three feet of water.
  • The Great Miami River in Dayton is forecast to get above action stage which is 29.5-feet.
  • 30-feet flooding occurs near Rip Rap Road between Bridgewater and Little York Roads near Huber Heights.
  • 27.5-feet flooding begins along the bike trail along river in the city.
  • The Great Miami River in Miamisburg is forecast to go above action stage Sunday but no major impacts are expected.
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