Richmond school shooting: ‘Very frightening,’ grandparents say

RICHMOND, Indiana — When Linda Wallace got the phone call that there was an active shooter situation in Richmond, Indiana, she ran right out of her office building.

“Very upsetting,” Wallace said. “Very upsetting and very frightening. Very frightening.”

Wallace’s two granddaughters attend Dennis Intermediate School where a teenager used a gun to die by suicide Thursday morning after intending to shoot up the school, according to Indiana State Police.

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Law enforcement worked with the school to prevent a possible mass shooting, and no other students were injured, according to ISP.

Through all the commotion parents and grandparents were flooded with emotions.

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“She’s my baby,” said Steve White, a grandfather to a fifth-grade girl who attends Dennis Intermediate.

White got the news from his daughter-in-law while driving his wife to work.

“I tried to keep calm as much as I could, you know?” White said. “It’s one of those things — I guess it happens everywhere.”

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Parents and grandparents’ routines were shaken by the situation, and they flocked to the school to meet a sea of police but reassuring news.

“I was praying that my grandkids were OK,” Wallace said. Knowing that everyone was uninjured was “a big relief. I can breathe now.”

Like several others, Wallace and White are anxious, waiting for their grandchildren to be released from the school.

White said he’s never seen so many people in front of the school.

“We do care,” Wallace said in response to the crowd. “We want the safety of our children.”

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