Richmond manufacturing company to collect yard signs, recycle into murals for fallen officer

RICHMOND — A Richmond manufacturing company is working to honor a fallen officer in their community.

Primex, a plastic manufacturer based in Richmond, is asking the public to turn in their yard signs and wires so they can turn them into murals.

A spokesperson with the company said they are planning to collect the yard signs and grind the plastic into pellets that can then be made into new sheets of plastic.

The company will then design a mural out of photos used for the funeral services and provided by Burton’s family to make a mural.

Primex is planning to create one mural for the police department and one for Burton’s family.

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The company said on social media the murals would be for Richmond Police Department and Officer Seara Burton’s family.

Burton, a K9 officer with Richmond Police Department was shot on Aug. 10 during a traffic stop, after a long fight she passed away on Sept. 18.

Yard signs and wire can be returned to Primex Design and Fabrication at 400 Industrial Parkway.

Bins will be placed outside the facility starting Sept. 30 until Oct. 14.

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