‘Really disappointing;’ Community members concerned after more businesses announce closures

DAYTON — A handful of store closures could impact residents on the west side of Dayton.

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As reported on News Center 7 at 6:00, people are disappointed that more stores have announced their upcoming closures.

Walgreens at the intersection of N Gettysburg and Hoover avenues announced it will be closing on April 1.

Cynthia Rippie is one of the many residents who don’t understand this closure.

“No specific reason, really it’s sad,” Rippie said. “They make enough money off prescriptions; people get medicines every day.”

Rippie is a loyal Walgreens customer but received a letter about the impending shutdown.

“It really is... It’s really disappointing,” Rippie said.

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Tamika Jackson told News Center 7 that the Family Dollar on James H. McGee Boulevard is closing, too. A sign is hanging on the store’s front window confirming this closure.

“I helped open the store years and years ago and it’s sad, sad for the community,” Jackson said.

Jackson said there are some independent grocery stores along James H McGee and N Gettysburg, but there are no chain grocery stores.

“It’s like everything is just leaving, it’s sad, there’s nothing on this side, nothing convenient for us to get anything done,” Resident Tamika Jackson said.

“They’re closing all the major retail stores on this side of town,” Rippie said.

Some people have started to call this area a shopping desert, but city leaders say they are aware of these concerns and are working to make things right.

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Dayton Mayor Jeffrey Mims said he recently toured a grocery store and pharmacy that is being built on N Gettysburg Avenue by Homefull, a social service agency.

“The pharmacy space will help us minimize the challenge we have with the pharmacy being closed on Hoover and Gettysburg,” Mims said.

Westside residents are grateful that Homefull is trying to step in to fill a grocery, pharmacy, and healthcare void, but they still want to know how this void happened in the first place.

“It can (get frustrating), especially for me, I have little kids I have to load in the car to get basic necessities,” Jackson said.

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