Trump: The choice to replace late Justice Ginsburg will be a woman; ‘We’re vetting five right now'

VANDALIA — UPDATE @ 7:01 p.m.: President Trump, who said he will choose a woman to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ends what he called a “friendly protest” in Vandalia by asking Ohioans to vote for him and not Democrat Joe Biden, who he said “will surrender to the virus.”

Trump said he will “crush the virus” and put America first.

UPDATE @ 6:09 p.m.: “We’re working very hard to name a third Supreme Court justice,” President Trump said. “It will be a woman. It will be a brilliant person. We have five we are vetting right now.”

The announcement “probably will be made on Friday or Saturday,” he said.

There was loud applause when he crowd whether anyone thought the next choice should be a woman.

“By the end of the first term, we will have 300 federal judges” appointed, he said.

“[Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden] betrayed you. He abused you, which is why it’s time to retire Joe Biden,” the president said.

UPDATE @ 5:52 p.m.: President Trump said he is calling the event a “friendly protest" and not a rally.

“You know what we’re protesting. Stupidity,” he said to rousing applause.

“This is for us and our friends and our workers,” he said.

Chants of “four more years!” erupted once he said he would win Ohio and the election.

“Next year will be the best year we’ve ever had,” he said, referring to the economy.

UPDATE @ 5:38 p.m.: Air Force One is on the ground and is pulling up to the hangar for President Trump’s visit.


President Donald J. Trump will be visiting Vandalia at 4:30 this afternoon to speak about “fighting for the American worker,” according to the Trump campaign.

Supporters started arriving at the event site this morning.

Montgomery County GOP Chair and State Rep Phil Plummer says there’s enthusiasm for the event. However, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, a Democrat, and Joe Biden supporter, said the president should stay in Washington and work on a deal to help the unemployed and stimulate the economy.

“Every economist from the left to the right says like a stimulus needs to happen but instead he like gets off on these rallies that he does to make himself feel better because he’s been so terrible as president,'' responded Mayor Nan Whaley.

1,200 tickets to the event were given out for the event by local Republican Party offices.

The event at Wright Bros. Aero, 3700 McCauley Drive, is scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

There are no planned road closures, however, there may be an increase in traffic on Dixie Drive, Vandalia dispatch said.

Airspace will be closed for about 30 minutes during the president’s landing and departure, said Linda Hughes, and spokesperson for the Dayton International Airport.

“Anytime the president comes in, the airspace is closed when he approaches and lands,” said Hughes.

WHIO will be providing updates throughout the day on details about his visit.

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