Pregnant woman assaulted, held for ransom; Springfield man wanted

SPRINGFIELD — A 40-year-old Springfield man is wanted after he was accused of assaulting a pregnant woman and threatening her with a gun on Selma Road Saturday afternoon, according to court records.

Edward D. Crawford has an arrest warrant for charges of kidnapping, felonious assault, abduction and domestic violence.

Crawford is accused of throwing the pregnant victim to the ground and repeatedly kicking her in the stomach.  He also is accused of grabbing items from around a room in the house and slamming them onto the victim, court records read.

The victim was said to be 28 weeks pregnant.

Police said the assault happened after Crawford asked the pregnant woman to complete a drug deal for him. During the drug deal, the marijuana buyer reportedly drove off before the victim was able to get the money.

“(The victim) stated that Mr. Crawford came outside after the transaction, and upon discovering that (the victim) did not have the money; Mr. Crawford grabbed (the victim) and dragged her into the residence on Selma Road,” according to an affidavit filed in Clark County Municipal Court.

Court records said after the assault, Crawford put a gun in the victim’s mouth and said, “you best come up with my money or you and that baby are gonna go.”

According to the report, another woman at the house grabbed the victim’s cell phone and called the victim’s mother.

During the phone call, the victim’s mother said she heard Crawford threatening her daughter.  The mother was told to meet Crawford and the other woman at the intersection of South Lowery Avenue and Fair Street with $200, according to records.

The mother met Crawford and the woman and gave them the money and her daughter was released.

The victim was taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center, where doctors said she had a possible facial fracture and other injuries.

Court records did not provide any information on the status of the baby.

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