Police: Couple arrested after having sex on Cedar Point Ferris wheel

SANDUSKY, Ohio — A man and woman were arrested at Cedar Point after four witnesses told police they saw the couple engaged in sexual intercourse on one of the amusement park’s rides on Sunday.

David Davis and Heather Johnston, both 32-years-old, were allegedly seen having sex while aboard the Giant Wheel, according to a police report. The two were confronted by a Cedar Point police sergeant and security before the Sandusky Police Department was called.

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The group of witnesses included two juveniles who were in the cart below the couple on the Ferris wheel. Witnesses told police that they could “feel the cart shaking” and saw the man and woman both expose themselves on the ride, according to the police report.

The couple initially denied any accusations. According to the police report, Johnston told officers that she had shorts on under her dress, dropped her cigarette pack out of them and when she bent over to pick them up Davis helped her.

The couple later admitted that they were engaged in sexual intercourse.

Davis and Johnston were both arrested and transported to the Erie County Jail where they were charged with a misdemeanor of the first degree.

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