FBI, BCI, police search Miamisburg property seeking answers into missing woman

Investigators used ground-penetrating radar Tuesday at a Miamisburg property in a search for a woman missing since last September.

  • FBI, BCI, police among agencies involved in search warrant
  • Investigators seek answers into disappearance of Chelsey Coe, 26
  • Neighbors "shocked" by activity in neighborhood

The search at 551 Lower Miamisburg Road stretched from 8 a.m. until about 10 p.m. as investigators sought clues in the disappearance of Chelsey Coe, a 26-year-old reported missing last year.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the south suburban Tactical Crime Suppression Unit and a company that works with “underground penetrating radar” were helping Miamisburg police, Miamisburg Police Chief John Sedlak said.

“It’s pretty shocking to wake up and see this at 8 in the morning,” said 15-year resident Heather McGuire.

"This is a peaceful neighborhood. I'm heartbroken."

Coe’s addresses since 2015 included Miamisburg, Lebanon and Morrow.

Adams County resident Shula Woodworth, who identifies herself as Coe’s mother, said she reported her daughter missing in July from the Miamisburg address.

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Miamisburg police called her Tuesday morning on the way to the scene to tell her they were going to serve a search warrant at the home because they had evidence that Coe could be there, Woodworth said.

The areas “that we were searching were all the buildings, the vehicles and any part of the property that appeared suspicious to us,” Sedlak said.

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Sky7 video taken Tuesday afternoon shows investigators working behind one of two houses on the property. A small deck behind the house located at the back of the property was removed piece-by-piece, and officers could be seen combing through the soil where the deck was located. An awning was later placed over the area as work continued into the afternoon.

About 12:30 p.m., a flatbed tow truck crossed the police barricade about 80 yards from where authorities were searching just west of the Great Miami River.

About 1 pm., an Ohio Department of Natural Resources truck exited through the police barricade st Dee Avenue, as did a ground radar vehicle.

Minutes later, an SUV arrived on scene and was allowed to pass through the barricade.

Woodworth said her daughter was a kind person, and she had a great personality.

“Chelsey’s a good hearted girl, the best hearted girl you could ever meet,” Woodworth said.

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