“Please, do not feed wildlife!” Police issue warning during coyote mating season in Kettering

KETTERING — Police are warning people to be careful during coyote mating season in Kettering.

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Kettering Police said on social media that they issued reminders about coyotes and what people should do to stay safe.

They said it is illegal to kill, poison, trap, or relocate wildlife. As we see more wildlife during the day, they are in search of food.

“Wildlife has to live with us,” they said in a statement. “Please, do not feed wildlife! This may result in animals exhibiting abnormal behavior which could lead to euthanization to protect residents. Destroying wildlife only opens spaces for new animals to move in.”

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Kettering has a coyote population. They are about 25 to 35 pounds with long legs and busy coats that make them appear larger, according to police.

They also said that coyotes are curious but fearful, and howling is a form of communication.

“Coyotes become more active during mating season, resulting in more sightings, and they are common across all of Ohio,” the department said. “We recommend that you keep cats indoors and dogs safe near you to ensure their safety from wildlife.”

Mating season is going on now until March. The pair will den with pups for about six weeks and raise them. Police said that coyotes are highly unlikely to attack people but watch your children. They also stated that you should not run if approached by a coyote.

For more information, please contact Shelly Davis at 937-371-3652.

You can also send an email to Kettering Police.

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