Phones down: Enforcement of Ohio’s distracted driving law begins Oct. 5

OHIO — Beginning October 5th, anyone seen using their phones while driving could get pulled over and fined.

Governor Mike DeWine’s distracted driving law is officially going into effect, and drivers in the Miami Valley say they hope it will make the roads safer.

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“It’s very valid just for everyone’s safety,” said Grace Bertke.

The hope is that with people being hands-free from their phones behind the wheel, the number of distracted driving accidents across the state will drop significantly.

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“It’s taken people’s lives, it’s very serious and we need to eliminate those distractions,” said Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Tyler Ross.

There are some exceptions to the law like calling for help or using a phone while at a red light.

Overall, police will be issuing fines anytime someone drives while glancing at their phone instead of being focused on the roads.

When a driver does get pulled over for being on their phone the first offense is two points added to their license and a $150 fine

By someone’s third offense then they are looking at a $500 fine, four points on their license and possibly losing their license for three months.

For more information, you can visit ODOT’s website here.

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