Husband, wife facing over 400 charges related to theft, forged paychecks

DAYTON — A West Milton husband and wife are accused of theft and forging payroll checks at the wife’s former employer.

Christy Greider, 42, is accused of stealing employee paychecks and writing fictitious payroll checks for Morgan Services employees and for employees no longer working at the business, according to Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr.

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Greider and her husband, Jason Greider, 43, are accused of depositing the checks into accounts they controlled, according to the release.

Christy Greider was terminated from Morgan Services on July 26, 2017, after she was convicted of wire and mail fraud in another state.

“It just shows how companies, as this company was, has to be very knowledgeable in who they hire, and they also have to be vigilant in watching their employees,” Heck said. “Most companies have very valued, loyal employees.”

Police responded to Morgan Services within two weeks of her firing, on Aug. 8, 2017, on a report that she had stolen cash from the business.

Heck said when Christy Greider filled out the job application for Morgan Services, she left off her job at a Tennessee construction company.

According to the U.S. Attorney General’s Office for the Eastern District of Tennessee, the couple was sentenced in July 2017 for their roles in a conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Christy Greider worked as a bookkeeper for M-3 Construction Inc., and helped elderly owners keep track of their personal finances.

Christy and Jason Greider were accused of using the company’s and owners’ personal credit cards to buy a boat, pool, furniture and a trip to Hawaii.

“Thy did this previously. They have a history of this, and before, so to speak, the ink is even dry on their last conviction, they’re at it again,” Heck said.

Christy Greider was indicted today for:

• 235 counts of forgery

• Six counts of grand theft

• Six counts of theft

• Two counts of falsification

Jason Greider was indicted for:

• 163 counts of forgery

• 12 counts of theft

Arrest warrants were issued for Christy and Jason Greider.

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