Pain at the Pump: Food trucks impacted by high gas prices

DAYTON — High gas prices may have you paying more for your meal at your favorite food truck.

A lot of food truck owners are expressing concerns over the struggles they are facing because of the high gas prices.

With the recent price increase of everything you do and everything you buy, including gas that is now affecting your favorite local food trucks.

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Food trucks that drive around from location to location depend on gas to run not only their trucks, but the generators used to keep the food trucks running.

The owner of Sunrise Breakfast Food Truck said, “I fill up the gas tank and then we fill up our generators and our generator take about six gallons to fill it up and then our truck and that’s not a small truck unfortunately,”

On top of gas prices, rising and wholesale prices being 8.6 percent higher than last year. The owner of Sunrise Breakfast Food Truck said food trucks are also facing an employee shortage due to not be able to meet the demand for pay.

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He said, “We were going to roll out our delivery service, but with the gas prices, we had to cut back on that and had to readjust our plan. We can’t add any new additions as far as employees because of the gas prices,”

Before you head out to your favorite local food truck, make sure you give them a call or check out their website to make sure changes have not been made.