‘Organized group’ responsible for multiple car break-ins, sheriff’s office says

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP — Neighbors in part of our area are worried after a string of car break-ins.

As reported on News Center 7 at 11, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said the people responsible are an organized group of criminals.

John Weber has lived in a neighborhood in Washington Township for five years.

“For the most part, we have a fairly quiet neighborhood where everybody knows everybody,” Weber said.

But since the break-ins everybody is worried.

“You violated the sort of trust of not being able to keep our car in your driveway locked or unlocked,” Weber said.

He learned his car was broken into Thursday night and immediately looked at his camera.

He said it recorded a video of people going through his and his neighbor’s cars.

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“Decided to call the sheriff, because I had really good pictures. They came out, took a report,” Weber said.

News Center 7 reached out to the Mongomery County Sheriff’s Office for more information.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said the break-ins are the work of an “organized group or groups of criminals” that “go through suburban neighborhoods ransacking unlocked cars.”

The sheriff’s office said the thieves usually look for car keys, valuables, and unsecured guns.

Weber said they didn’t take any of those items from his car.

“I know they took a makeup case out of somebody’s car, decided it wasn’t of value, and tossed it into my neighbor’s yard,” he said.

Weber wants deputies to destroy this group of criminals by arresting its leaders.

“The guy driving the truck is using the kids because he knows that it can be juvenile court if they get caught. But the guy driving the truck will drive off and leave the kids in a heartbeat. So I think the guy driving the truck needs to be caught,” he said.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said they have a multi-jurisdictional task force to crack down on these types of crimes.

News Center 7 will continue to follow this story.

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