Oregon District Shooting: DeWine remembers tragedy, holds moment of silence for those lost

DAYTON — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine began Tuesday’s press conference with a few words and a moment of silence remembering those lost and forever changed by the Oregon District Shooting that happened one year ago today.

“I’ve been to a lot of crime scenes but I’ve never seen anything like this one,” DeWine said as he recalls visiting the Oregon District with Fran, Mayor Whaley and Chief Biehl the morning after the shooting.

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DeWine held a moment of silence to honor the nine lives lost in the Oregon District Shooting.

“The emotions tied to this day are for many, including me, still very raw,” he said.

“As long as I live, I’ll never forget visiting the Oregon District that day and seeing the blood on the street. I’ll never forget the funerals and the absolute grief in the eyes of family members.”

DeWine and Fran attended the vigil held in Dayton.

“I can still hear the heartbroken and angry mourners chanting ‘do something',” he said as he recalls him and Fran making their way through the crowds at the vigil.

“They had the right to be mad. They demanded that Ohio do more to stop gun violence. The words certainly moved me, and I vowed to answer that call.”

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Since the Oregon District Shooting, safety resources for schools have been enhanced and further investment has been made in mental health and behavioral health services.

Warrant Task Force’s work has also led to a 903 percent increase in Ohio arrest warrants entered into the national warrant database increasing the likelihood that someone with a warrant is stopped before trying to purchase a gun, he said.

DeWine notes that this was not the only tragedy the Miami Valley was facing at the time.

“When the massacre happened, it had only been around two months since devastating tornadoes swept through the area,” he said.

“But the Miami Valley is tough and resilient. The Gem City shines bright.”

Franchesca Hackworth, WHIO

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