Old Springfield Kroger store being transformed into new Groceryland

SPRINGFIELD — The owners of a new grocery store in Springfield said they hope people will be able to start shopping there next month.

The new grocery is located in the old Kroger store on South Limestone Street.

There’s a lot of work that needs done to transform the old Kroger store into the new Groceryland. Hardware for the new checkout lanes was delivered on Monday.

Josephine Harris said she used to shop inside the store all the time. “I used to shop here at this Krogers.”

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Harris said it hurt when Kroger closed its doors.

Now, there is plenty of work going on inside the building to turn it into a new local grocery store.

Ravindra Patel is one of two business partners behind the new Groceryland. He said, “We are hoping to open before Thanksgiving. But we are getting some challenges due to COVID and all that. The supplies are not being there. So, we are hoping to open by Thanksgiving.”

Once it opens, this will be the third Groceryland in the Miami Valley. The other stores are located in New Lebanon and Waynesville.

Patel said his business partner is Vipul Patel who is a Springfield doctor. “He has heard many people that there is no fresh grocery in this area - the south side of Springfield. So, he saw the building and he saw an opportunity to help Springfield.”

Patel said when it comes time for it, they will have a grand opening ceremony.

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