Ohio Senate passes Destiny’s Law - with added language that lengthens penalty

State lawmakers Wednesday finished work on a long-awaited change in state law being sought by Randi Shepherd of Springfield.

“Destiny’s Law,” named for Shepherd’s daughter, passed the Ohio Senate.

The proposal adds 6 years to the sentence for anyone convicted of assaulting a child under 10 years old.

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Shepherd sought passage of the change in state law after her daughter was assaulted and sent into a coma. Destiny survived but still suffers the effects of the beating. Her attacker, who was charged and convicted, has since been released from prison.

The bill had recently passed the Ohio House with some amendments. Senate action Wednesday accepted the amendments and with final passage senators sent the measure on to Gov. John Kasich for his signature.

In other action Wednesday, lawmakers also approved bills to:

  • Eliminate the state sales tax on feminine hygiene products
  • Establish a tracking system for evidence in rape cases
  • Grant unemployment insurance to military spouses who have to relocate

Votes on controversial bills on abortion and gun control could come later this week.

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