Ohio Redistricting Commission expected to submit new maps to Ohio SOS today

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Redistricting Commission is expected to submit their new district maps to Secretary of State Frank LaRose today.

This is the fourth attempt at redrawing the maps after the Ohio Supreme Court said the three earlier attempts favored the Republican Party.

Last month, the American Civil Liberties Union and its clients, including the League of Women Voters of Ohio filed a case saying that the commission’s constitutional map was unfair, our news partners at WBNS-TV report.

Jen Miller, executive director for the League of Women Voters told WBNS that while they are taking a step back because of the tight deadline, they’re not giving up.

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“Given that the primary is upon us, and the Ohio General Assembly is the only body that can set a new election date, and they said they’re not going to... we knew we didn’t have time to litigate an entirely new case before the Supreme Court fighting congressional gerrymandering for congressional districts, but we’re not stopping,” Miller said.

The group has filed a new case to get a fair map by 2024.

“The redistricting commission itself has been meeting more regularly, and I think we’re going to get two Ohio State Senate and two Ohio House maps that really work for the people, and I’m really excited about that,” Miller said.

A panel of federal judges has asked to intervene to save the upcoming election, LaRose must decide whether that violates any state or federal laws.

The deadline for that is also today.

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